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Yancoal Canada Resources Company Limited通化同满佳设备有限公司

As a new strategic base of Yankuang Group's overseas mineral resources reserves and crossover development, Yancoal Canada Resources Co., Ltd. was established in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in August 2011, with registered capital of US$290 million, mainly engaged in mineral resources exploration and development. Currently, the company owns 6 mining leases in Saskatchewan Province, with a size of about 1,300 square kilometers, and estimated 5.654 billion tons of potassium chloride totally. The proposed Southey Solution Potash Project with an annual capacity of 2.8 million tons has been listed as the key project of the "13th Five-year Plan" of Shandong Province.

Yankuang Latin America Company 张家口高亨华科技有限公司

As a new strategic area of Yankuang Group's overseas development, Yankuang Group participated in the construction of railway project in Venezuela in 2004. In 2014, Yankuang Group Latin America Company was established for the development promotion of markets in Peru, Ecuador and other countries. The company took the EPC contract of Venezuela midwest railway project and participated the joint venture with Shandong Gold Group Co., Ltd. for production recovery project of the Sousa Mendes gold mine in Venezuela. And the company started the development of gold mining project in Venezuela in 2015.

Yancoal Australia Limited玉树生宏升科技有限公司

Since the establishment in the end of 2004, Yancoal Australia Limited has owned and operated assets including 11 mines such as Moolarben, HVO, MTW, etc. and 36.5% equity in Newcastle PWCS port, 27% equity in Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group (NCIG) port, etc. Owning 7,924 million tons of JORC resource, reserves of 2.108 billion tons, and the annual production volume of raw coal reaching 80 million tons, Yancoal Australia has become the largest independent coal producer in Australia currently. The company's products include thermal coal, hard coking coal, semi-hard coking coal, semi-soft coking coal and PCI, etc.

Yankuang Group Ecuador Company拉萨正裕伟商贸有限公司

In May 2017, Ecuador government awarded 100% mining lease for over 220 square kilometers of greenfiled mining block to Yankuang Group. US$63 million was invested for early explorations including geophysical prospecting, drilling, geochemical exploration, geological mapping, stream sediment analysis, sample analysis, information and resources, etc. Yankuang Group transferred the specialized software of geological exploration with independent intellectual property rights to Ecuador, the experts of mineral resources entered Ecuador's national expert database, and Yankuang's technologies have been applied as the national standard of Ecuador.

Ordos Neng Hua荆门晶进东科技有限公司

As the only subject invested and constructed by Yankuang Group in Inner Mongolia, Yanzhou Coal Ordos Neng Hua Co. Ltd. was incorporated in December 2009. According to the development direction of clustering, high-end oriented and intelligentization, a industrial layout of “5 mines and 1 plant” was primarily built, including 3 mines constructed or under construction and 1 coal chemical project, with an annual coal production and sales of 30 million tons and chemicals output of 600 thousand tons.

Yankuang Xinjiang Neng Hua Co. LTD.南昌旺祥正机械有限公司

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Yankuang Group, Yankuang Xinjiang Neng Hua Co. LTD. was incorporated in August 2007 in Urumqi. As an external "Strategic development base" of Yankuang Group, the company possesses 21.2 billion tons of coal reserves. The company manages Liuhuanggou Mine, Jixin Mine, alcohol – ammonia co-production project of coal chemical branch company with an annual capacity of 600 thousand tons, and participates the Urumqi-Dzungaria Railway project. Currently, Wucaiwan No. 4 open pit project is under active preparation.

Headquarters 伊春中皇大有限公司

In this integrated development base with integration of production and finance, The profit supports of major mines are fully played; with “Blue Sky Project” launched, a technical system of coal combustion management is preliminarily formed, and a new path of clean and efficient utilization of coal is explored; Through the strategic cooperations, industrial upgrading, industrial chain drives, the innovative development, sustainable development, and the leading development of the fine coal mining, fine chemicals, equipment manufacturing, financial investment and the development of modern service industry is promoted.

Shanxi Heshun Tianchi Energy 林芝隆千富科技有限公司

Tianchi Company, formerly known as Guyao Coal Mine of Heshun County, is located in Heshun County, Shanxi Province, Taihang Mountain Area. After reconstruction, the designed annual production capacity reached 1.2 million tons and listed in “Double Hundred Project” of Jinzhong City. The company owns an area of 18.7 square kilometers. The company's business scope includes coal mining, coal products deep processing, production, sales of mineral machinery products, engineering surveying and mapping, cadastral survey.

Shaanxi Future Energy Chemical Co. LTD.百色茂多兴设备有限公司

Shaanxi Future Energy Chemical Co. Ltd. was incorporated in February 2011, engaged in the management and operation of Yankuang's indirect coal liquefaction demonstration project with an annual capacity of 1 million tons and its supporting mine — Jinjitan Mine, etc. The core technology of coal-to-liquids project was developed by Shanghai Yankuang Energy Technology Development Co, Ltd. independently. With the applications of total 50 own patent technologies, the company achieved designed annual production 1.15 million tons of oil products and chemical products, and annual coal consumption of 5 million tons. Jinjitan Coal Mine occupies an area of 107.89 square kilometers with the designed annual production capacity of 8 million tons.

Guizhou Neng Hua长海汇汇生有限公司

Since the establishment of Yankuang Guizhou Neng Hua Co., Ltd. in December 2002, the company has become the 2nd largest coal company through successive obtaining of exploration (mining) rights of 3 coal fields, controlling construction of 5 mines including Qinglong, Fa'er Xiaotun, Wulunshan, Longfeng, with an annual production capacity of 10.2 million tons. Participating in the three large-scale thermal power plants including Qianxi, Dafang and Fa'er, with the equity power generating capacity of 550MW/ year, basically forming the industrial layout of the joint operation of coal and power. The company has taken the lead in establishment of a state-level gas management demonstration mine and a national qualified standard mine in Guizhou Province.
Yankuang Views
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